It Feels Batman!

DC comics tattoo superheroes batman - 8965399040
tattoo Harley Quinn suicide squad - 608773

The Cast of Suicide Squad Tattoo Each Other

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Why So Serious?

dark knight joker tattoo - 7946938112
By Unknown

He Probably Wouldn't Get a Stupid Tattoo

wwjd tattoo batman - 7813351168
By Unknown

The Merc With a Mouth (Full of Honey)

art deadpool tattoo winnie the pooh - 6792598528
Via Neatorama

That's a Lot of Deadpool

costume deadpool tattoo fan - 6742677760
Via Daily Superheroes

Now That's a Super Chest Piece

art awesome superman tattoo - 6566009088
By xyzpdq1

Why... Just Why...

horrible Random Heroics tattoo wolverine - 6184550400
By Unknown

I'll Say!

Badass batman Super-Lols tattoo - 5671373568
By terry3906

Hoo Daddy!

batman booty Random Heroics Sexy Ladies tattoo - 5286952960
By Zed2XS

Iron Ink

Awesome Art iron man tattoo - 5585179136
By Nekro138

Harley Quinn Ink

Awesome Art Harley Quinn Sexy Ladies tattoo - 5481437952
By Serrena (Via

A Dark Starry Knight

batman Random Heroics tattoo Van Gogh - 4941373696