The Captain of Surprises

surprise captain america Spider-Man - 7803412224
Created by Unknown

Batman Hates Surprises

batman Super-Lols surprise - 6434329344
Created by Jabberwokie

Costumes Have the Darndest Things

Straight off the Page surprise the tick - 6210336768
Created by BreakdownBrand

Well, That's a Terrible Surprise

Green lantern kyle Straight off the Page surprise - 6060531712
Created by Avorne

No Idea

deadpool sexy times Super-Lols surprise - 6049550336
Created by frank44mag

Not Sure That's "Justice."

animated series batman justice robin Super-Lols surprise wtf - 5236325632
Created by xyzpdq1

Turns Out it Wasn't Bruce

batman bruce wayne catwoman Straight off the Page surprise - 5726224128
Created by Asciicodeplus

That it Is

bird hair raven Super-Lols surprise wtf - 5699578880
Created by Unknown

The Best Surprise

catwoman Straight off the Page surprise wtf - 5719174656
Created by Asciicodeplus

Since, Like, Forever

batman gay robin Super-Lols surprise - 4887003904
See all captions Created by iosdfg

Tri-Clops Is Really Diggin This

he man Saturday Morning Cartoons sexy times surprise - 5081996032
Created by maxystone