benedict cumberbatch jimmy kimmel marvel superheroes doctor strange - 83185153

Jimmy Kimmel Hires Doctor Strange for Kid's Birthday Party, and Things Don't Go as Planned

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old man logan movies x men superheroes wolverine - 83162625

The First Trailer for Logan Is Here, and It Looks Like We're Due for the Best Wolverine Movie Yet

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costume wonder woman photoshop parenting superheroes win - 1049349

Dad Makes Epic Wonder Woman Costume for His Daughter and Recreates Movie Scenes

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Happy Batman Is Very Happy At the Moment

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chris pratt movies marvel superheroes trailers guardians of the galaxy - 83147521

BREAKING: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 International Trailer Released!

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And Deadcarp Wins for the Day

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batman DC superheroes video games Video Game Coverage - 83147009

The Batman: Return to Arkham Launch Trailer Hits the Gritty Sweet Spot

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marvel deadpool superheroes - 83131137

Watch Deadpool Shatter the Fourth Wall, and Give Praise to the Genius Marketing Campaign Behind the Deadpool Movie

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I'm Sorry, Mr. Luthor, You Can't Bring This on the Plane.

DC lex luthor superheroes superman - 8983147776
Created by tamaleknight

The Leonardo DiCaprio Produced Captain Planet Movie Is Officially in the Works

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DC movies batman begins superheroes batman - 83120641

Video Attempts to Unpack the Hidden Meaning of Batman Begins

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batdog convo

19 Times BatDog's Conversations Just Killed Us

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With Great Power, Comes Spontaneous Combustion

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x men superheroes Video - 83099393

Animated X-Men Short Explores the Downsides of Time Travel

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DC superheroes Batman v Superman batman superman - 83032833

This Fan-Made Batman v Superman Lost Cut Reimagines Henry Cavill as Bizarro, and It's Epic

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2016's Been a Hell of a Year, Man...

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