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Twitter Presents: The Signs You're a Superhero

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Always A First

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By aggragatebbgun

The Trials of The Aging Superhero

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Via Andreas Englund

Superhero Fist Bump

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By Unknown
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Inside the Mind of a Real Life Superhero

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Legends of the Knight - Official Documentary Trailer

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The Superhero Alphabet

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By Unknown

Not The Smartest Hero

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By xyzpdq1

I Almost Forgot About That

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See all captions By florida.greatdanez

Not a Top Secret Superhero Lair

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By taquito_umad

I Wonder What His Powers Are?

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By xyzpdq1
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Do You Want to Be a Superhero?

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That's Not Very Superhero-Like

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By _C_A_T_ (Via

Let Tell You Those Are Some Serious Powers

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By xyzpdq1
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Superhero Speed Dating

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Superhero Economics: Bruce Wayne vs Peter Parker

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Via H&R Block
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