Dead to Me, at Least

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By Unknown

Bane Approves

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By battenfelderj
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If Batfleck Looks Like This, I'm In!

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It Was Meant to Be!

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By hachan

It Probably Wasn't Going to be Good Anyway, Buddy

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By Unknown

Please Let Matt Damon be Robin

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By Unknown

Nananananananana Batfleck

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By RockstarDoubleH

Quit Complaining About Superman's Costume; It Could be Worse

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The Ultimate Teamup

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Josh Brolin to be the Next Batman?

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What Would You Title the New Batman/Superman Movie?

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Can't Tell If Better Disguise Than Clark Kent

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By Unknown
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Who Will be the New Batman?

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You Could Always Give It a Go

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Reading the Internet's Reaction to Ledger's Casting Might Make You Want to Give Affleck a Chance

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By Mirbeau