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The Smartest Move

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Gun Tips From the Punisher

punisher sights on top for a reason
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Batman Prefers a Little Manscaping

batman tell guy he needs a shave

Self Aware and Still a Stick in the Mud

funny memes batman i dont enjoy anything
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Riddle Me This

superhero memes why did the nickel jump off the building

So It's Kind of Like Your Wallet

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Dick Grayson Really Lives Up to His Name

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Hulk Rekt By Dormammu

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Release the Crackin'

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Someone's Going to be Batweirded Out by This

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All Things to All Peoples

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Kitty Pryde the Trekkie

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The Responsibility Just Hit Like a Ton of Bricks

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Don't Scratch the Paint Job

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Check that Privilege

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Who Dies More Than Once?

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