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This Ridiculous Video Puts to Rest Whether or Not Captain America's Shield Could Really Kill a Person

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Well, He's Not Wrong

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Created by Diaspa

When Captain America Drinks his Mighty Slushie!

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SHIELD Takes The Power Bill Pretty Seriously

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Vibranium Has Nothing on Early 2000's Technology

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Just Stand In Nick Fury's Blind Spot

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Lady Agents of SHIELD

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Shepherd Book is Joining SHIELD!

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Created by Unknown
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Are You Excited for Agents of SHIELD?

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Improper Security Clearance

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Created by Unknown

Of Course This Would Be Me

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Created by garigriffo

Captain America's Breakfast S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Created by HerHeroicalScandals ( Via Kitchen Overlord )

The Shield Is Ready to Rumble

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Created by Unknown

Passing on the Shield

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Via Sarah Anne xoxo

Where Did Doop Get Those?

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Via MIchael Walsh

You Need a Bigger Shield

shield kid - 6699131136
Created by Unknown
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