The Terrifying Truth of the Turtles

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Created by Mamalugia
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Don't Let Science Get You Down, According to Stanford Engineers, Spider-Man is Plausible!

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Ant-Man's Destructive Power Finally Revealed

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Just Think What Blink and Nightcrawler Could Do For Humanity

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Paul Rudd Explains The Science of Ant-Man

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The Plot of Ant-Man

Via Hamlet's Danish

With Great Technology, Comes Great Responsibility

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Created by ShrugsMcMeh
captain america science - 70513665

The Science Behind Captain America's Super Serum

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Pop Psych: What's Wrong With Batman?

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Superman's X-traordinary Secret

science superman web comics - 8339100160
Created by FatherofGray ( Via SMBC Comics )
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Stanford Researchers Examine The Science Behind Two of Your Favorite Marvel Heroes

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That Or Asgardian Villains

the hulk The Avengers iron man science - 8130470656
Via thegameofnerds
Thor mjolnir science - 59536897

Mjolnir Is The Earth's Greatest Threat

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Why Doesn't His Helmet Crack? Because Science!

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Via superheroesrepublic

I'd Need To Take a 15 Minute Break For Justice

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Created by Unknown
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Stan Lee on Science And Marvel

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