When I Hear Any Marvel Movie Rumors

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The Next Blade Movie Could Focus On His Daughter

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What Side are You On? The Rumored Civil War Teams

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All The Spider-Man Rumors The Internet Currently Hates

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Tyrese Gibson is Teasing Us About The Green Lantern News

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A couple days ago, Latino Review released a rumor that Chris Pine would play classic Justice League hero, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and in addition DC was looking for someone to play John Stewart, another human hero with a Green Lantern power ring. Fast and the Furious alumnus, Tyrese Gibson almost immediately started campaigning on his Instagram. And it looks like it worked, cause he just posted this: #TheOath has been taken..... A photo posted by TYRESE (@tyrese) on Jun 26, 2015 at 10:18am…

Sorry Folks, Those Hawkgirl Rumors are Untrue

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RUMOR: Beyoncé to Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Tilda Swinton In Talks For Doctor Strange

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Marvel TV News and Rumors

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Avengers 3 May Be Split Into Two Movies

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That About Sums It Up

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Simon Pegg Denies Being Ant-Man, Breaks Hearts Everywhere

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