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Artist, Lord Ingvard, Re-Designs Women's Superhero Costumes To Be Actually Functional

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Spider-Woman's Gets a Practical New Design

costume redesign - 8406033664
Via USA Today

Cory Walker's Supergirls

Fan Art redesign supergirl - 8002437888
Via Cory Walker

Comic Strip Heroes

heroes marvel redesign cartoons - 7872686336
By silentjay12345 (Via bezerrobizarro)

Casual Kitty Pryde

kitty pryde redesign - 7836564224
Via Jake Wyatt

Andy MacDonald Drew A Punk Rock Ghost Rider

ghost rider art redesign - 7831707136
Via Andy MacDonald

An Incredible Guy Gardner Redesign!

art redesign Green lantern guy gardner funny - 7603788032
Via Project Rooftop

Kris Anka's Superman Redesign Is Classy!

art awesome redesign superman - 7186489344
Via Kris Anka

A Perfect Supergirl

art redesign supergirl - 7186483712
By Unknown

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Spider-Man art redesign - 6997806848
Via Feel Like a Pirate

One Adorable Starfire

art redesign starfire - 6782238208
Via Project Rooftop

Kris Anka's Donatello

art donatello redesign - 6782380032
Via Project Rooftop

Scott Ngo's New X-Men

Awesome Art redesign x men - 6434362880
Via Project Rooftop

Wonder Woman...IN SPAAAACE!

Awesome Art redesign space wonder woman - 4986856704

Baxter Stockman

TMNT redesign - 7073053696
By Sosuke