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Someone Call Marvel and Emma Stone, Make This Movie ASAP

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Why Reboots Suck

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Makes Sense

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The Superhero Show We All Agreed to Forget is Coming Back

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Looks Like Fox is Rebooting League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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Superheroes and Awards Shows

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Greatest American Hero Is Getting Rebooted!

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It's Time To Take Batman in a New Direction

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Power Rangers (Gritty Reboot Trailer)

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Lionsgate Confirms New Power Rangers Movie

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Heroes Gets 'Reborn' in 2015

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Fantastic Four Reboot Is Getting Closer Nailing Down A Cast

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New Robocop Trailer

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The Turtle Was Asking For It, He Can Read its Mind, REMEMBER?!

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This Seems Eerily Accurate

Awesome Art classic comic reboot sexy times - 5195305728