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The Avengers in LEGO

avengers lego awesome Movie poster Random Heroics - 6646042368
Created by dolf1nluvr

It Doesn't Buy Happiness, Only Justice Does

justice batman money Sad Random Heroics - 6657856000
See all captions Created by Unknown

Oh Casey Jones

casey jones hiding TMNT Random Heroics - 6650224384
Created by Sosuke

So That's What the Snikt Sound Is

Random Heroics snikt wolverine - 6502818816
Created by punysmurf


google Random Heroics spelling Spider-Man - 6503143680
Created by Unknown

Kal-El Gets a New Sponsor.

advertising Random Heroics superman symbol - 6499040768
Created by gojiberry
bane Dark Knight Rises Random Heroics Video - 40551425

Binge Away

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I Think Wolverine Would Disagree

Random Heroics wolverine - 6489169664
Created by TinyBlueOcotopus

Definitely the Best

animated series batman movies Random Heroics - 6488832768
Created by mborr12

And Here I Thought it Was Ionization

hero mom Random Heroics storm Thor - 6484260352
Created by SkitteryGirl

Turn Him on Please, I Can't See Anything

captain america Random Heroics - 6474643968
Created by xyzpdq1

Someone Used the Bat Rake

batman Random Heroics - 6477810176
Created by xyzpdq1
batman dark knight Random Heroics robin Video video games - 40303105

The Dark Knight Rages (Batman Plays Video Games)

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Wait for Iiiit!

aweosme Random Heroics stan lee - 6482042880
Created by Unknown
homemade Random Heroics Video - 40382465

Home Grown Batcycle

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Love the Freeze-Puns

batman booze Random Heroics robin - 6472722176
Created by Wearetherachers
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