Womp Womp

pun bath alfred - 6924848896
By Nobody-

Who's Worthy of Mjolnir? You Are!

dogs Thor pun - 8273056000
By _Elizabeth_

Periodic Puns

pun silver surfer iron man Chemistry - 8012656640
By Unknown

Makes It Wayne Everyday

batman pun Fan Art - 7954986496
By rad-o-saurus (Via m7781)

Pun Level Batman Begins

ras al ghul pun batman begins batman - 7802355712
By Unknown

Batman Can Make Jokes?

pun off the page jason todd alfred - 7010881280
By Unknown

Dream Team

pun plastic man - 6879873792
By hachan

Peter Parkour

parkour peter parker pun Spider-Man - 6568939264
By Rey (Via Busted Tees)

He's So Cool

loki pun superheroes Super-Lols Thor - 6458983680
Via Pleated Jeans

Nick Fury Makes a Pun

agent coulson Nick Fury pun Super-Lols - 6250492416
By saburo

Some Assembly Required

assemble avengers Awesome Art pun - 6209679616
Via Photokapi

"Take Out" Evil

batman pun rice Super-Lols - 6032535040
By Biggmac4444

Oh the Huge Manatee

Awesome Art batman manatee pun - 5163411968
By xyzpdq1


flash pun Straight off the Page wonder woman - 6056017408
By hachan

Behold! On a Pale Rabbit Rides the White Rabbit!

pun Straight off the Page wtf - 6052669184
By Unknown

I Was Watching UATU

pun Super-Lols watcher - 5738061824
By Captain_Jonus
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