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Oh Paul Rudd, You Devil!

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Paul Rudd's Already Played a Superhero

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Paul Rudd's Streak on Conan O'Brien Remains Unbroken

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Paul Rudd Surprises Kids With Ant-Man Screening

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The Day Paul Rudd Stood Still – Ant Man Reimagined as a 1950s Monster Movie

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Paul Rudd Farts His Way Through An Ant-Man Interview

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Paul Rudd Talks Ant-Man and a New Clip

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The Incredible Celery Man

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Hopefully Ant-Man Will Hitch a Ride When He Joins The Avengers

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First Image From Ant-Man Surfaces

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Pest Control Issues

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Paul Rudd Is Ant-Man

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'Chris Evans' Seems to Have Really Enjoyed 'Captain America: Civil War'....Especially the Parts With Paul Rudd?

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