That's Some Review

ouch reviews donald trump - 8761589760

Didn't Feel a Thing

batman ouch alfred Didn't Feel a Thing
Via batsbr

Don't Feel Bad

jessica jones twitter Don't Feel Bad
Via @JessicaJones

This Superhero Needs a Good Pair of Slippers

superheroes ouch web comics - 8174940672
Via League of Super Redundant Heroes

Putting Wolvie Through Hell

ouch healing factor wolverine - 7094211584
Created by Unknown

Damn Supes, Take it Down a Notch

ouch joker batman superman - 7075028224
Created by Argentum_Rook

How Candid

ouch love batman superman - 6954897664
Created by xyzpdq1

Just Because You're a Power Ranger Doesn't Mean You Can Skate

ouch power rangers - 6747858432
Created by Sosuke

Classic: I Never Get Tired of This

hulk loki ouch angry - 6618477312
Created by KENDALL

Just a Tinge of Danger in the Air

gun idiot ouch Spider-Man - 6610036736
Created by Unknown

Grumpy Batman No Like Dead Horse Memes

batman ouch punch slap - 6554039808
Created by lsiwik

Spidey Deserves Better

bad idea hulk off the page ouch Spider-Man - 6566648320
Created by AmazingGamer


kamen rider ouch saturday morning Saturday Morning Cartoons truck - 6236204288
Created by Sosuke

Damn Tree

ouch saturday morning Saturday Morning Cartoons tree - 6266573824
Created by Sosuke

That's Quite a Family

family ouch Straight off the Page wtf - 5842202368
Created by hachan

Don't Poke Back

batman jerk ouch Super-Lols - 5596205056
See all captions Created by dodsonknight12
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