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dogs evil off the page - 7725448960
By hachan

Alfred Ain't No Slouch

martial arts off the page alfred funny - 7543927808
By hachan

Insensitive Deadpool

deadpool off the page gwen stacy - 8028139008
By Unknown

Continuity Enabled

avengers movies off the page - 7981510912
By Unknown

Deadpool Loves Anime

deadpool anime off the page - 7099814912
By Diaspa

You and Me Both, Buddy

beer off the page wolverine - 8319029504
By Comin2U

That Clarified Everything

Thor off the page mjolnir - 8128460032
By Mistermascara

Booster Gold

new 52 off the page - 8123922176
See all captions By Unknown

It's a Fun Time Accessory

mustache off the page Harley Quinn - 8119841792
By brandon.welch.3192

Are You Still Going To Laugh At Him?

off the page aquaman - 8090898944
By APShark

What Do Superheroes Do When They're Not Saving The World?

Black Widow Thor off the page - 8080674816
By Unknown

Everything Deadpool Learned About The Civil War, He Learned From Television

deadpool off the page civil war - 8072385024
By Unknown

Take My Wife, Please... Cause I Just Killed Her

deadpool off the page - 8062919680
By Unknown

Tune Out The World With Aqua

deadpool off the page - 8056082432
By Unknown

We Don't Really Need Another

spider woman Spider-Man xmen off the page - 8055921920
Via Marvel Women Kicking Ass

Quicksilver Needs to Have a Talk With Himself

days of future past quicksilver xmen off the page - 8053862400
By Unknown
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