I Know What This Means, But it's Still Weird

hammer mjolnir Straight off the Page Thor - 6527193344
Created by j0ey03

Thor, God of Juggling

hammer mjolnir Thor wtf - 6528595456
Created by obehave_wan

I Thought He Had a Hammer, Not an Axe

guitar hammer mjolnir Thor - 6517252608
Created by SpaceQueen ( Via )

From SDCC: Are You Worthy?

avengers marvel mjolnir props sdcc 2012 The Movies Thor - 6425687552
Via coleycoles

Thor's Not a "Planner."

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Created by po7eriba


facebook mjolnir Super-Lols Thor wrong - 6304561664
Created by Hoovy_Derps

Rose Where Did You Get That?

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Created by ThisIsBran

That's Gonna Hurt

mjolnir Super-Lols Thor - 6217424640
Created by Unknown

Problem, Asgard?

loki mjolnir Super-Lols Thor - 5123838208
Created by DuchessAliana


Awesome Art hammer Memes mjolnir Nyan Cat Thor - 4924731648
Created by Thorgy

Jeez Deadpool, I Thought You Worked Out

deadpool mjolnir Straight off the Page Thor - 6219924480
Created by xyzpdq1
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