He is Not "Just Misunderstood" and Especially Not "Poor and Mistreated"

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By Unknown

Thor: The Really Really Dark World

loki Thor posters - 7790740480
By silentjay12345

Say My Name!

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By cephadex

Somebody Get Belle Into the Avengers!

loki Beauty and the Beast cosplay avengers - 7695067136
By Ruth Gustafson (Via Facebook)

Couple of Daft Punks

loki crossover Music Thor daft punk - 7685860096
By Supersketch

Asguardian Time!

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By morningbeautiful (Via Morning Beautiful)

What a Breakfast That Would Be

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Via Reddit
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Thor 'n Loki

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Loki totally Looks Like Darlene From "Roseanne"

hair loki Thor - 7383945216
By andrewz123

Tommy Wisseau Is Loki!

loki Thor Movie - 7377370112
By GregXB

Loki Is Coming!

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By Unknown

Loki Is Sexier Than an 8.5

loki Thor sexy avengers - 7061108736
By Unknown

One Lovely Loki

loki costume Sexy Ladies rule 63 - 7056203008
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The Trickiest of LEGO

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loki Thor - 7003412736
By NekoWarrior

Getting Crunk On the Bifrost

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