wtf kid batman - 49582849

Not Everyone Can Be Batman

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Why Choose Just One?

costume kid awesome wolverine - 7275922176
Created by Mission_Possible

This Playground Needs a Villain

joker kid batman - 7166945536
Created by jkpatterson12

Bane Would Run a Great Daycare

wtf kid off the page bane - 7164516864
Created by ggeecckkoo

Wow, That Kid Is Stupid

kid off the page idiot - 7135019520
Created by avery18

The Shirt Holds Immense Power

news kid T.Shirt superman - 7116454144
Created by Unknown

Now That's an Iron Man

kid photoshop iron man - 7111890432
Created by Unknown

He's Tired of it All

art kid tired batman - 6997605888
Via ER

Young Clark Kent Still Liked to Wear Suits

costume Clark Kent kid superman - 7022475008
Created by Unknown

Passing on the Shield

shield kid cute captain america - 6964564224
Via Sarah Anne xoxo

IS That Kid Happy or Terrified?

kid costume Spider-Man scary - 6705567488
Via Brandon Dill

You Need a Bigger Shield

shield kid - 6699131136
Created by Unknown

Don't Get Thor in Trouble

mjolnir Thor hammer kid uh oh - 6639904256
Created by xyzpdq1

Come at Me, Bane.

bane come at me Dark Knight Rises kid - 6562215168
Created by HedShawt

Sexy Fight Night?

batman kid sexy Straight off the Straight off the Page - 6411303168
Created by SimpleAliensLoveSpaceCore

A Tiny Loki

costume kid loki Super Costume - 6332584960
Created by haturzgunnahayte
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