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Baby, Batman, Baby, Oooooh

jokes Batman v Superman justin bieber - 8481163264
By eljefe3030
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Batman's Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ad

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Captain Canada: The Cyrus Soldier

captain america justin bieber totally looks like winter soldier - 7965919744
By EpicDude56

The Resemblance is Uncanny

robin batman justin bieber - 7804682240
By Unknown

He'd Be Perfect!

batfleck justin bieber - 7806268160
Via FunnyorDie

Dead to Me, at Least

superbatman batman justin bieber - 7799600640
By Unknown

That About Sums It Up

news rumors robin batman justin bieber - 7798480896
By hachan (Via HuffPo)

And What a Story it Is

wtf funny justin bieber - 7479397632
By xyzpdq1

Ugh... Those Idiots

idiots justin bieber scars - 6962408960
By savannamia

Nobody... Ever

bane justin bieber Super-Lols - 6453552384
By Unknown

Then He Discovered YouTube

justin bieber Super-Lols unfortunate voice wtf - 4843643904
By xyzpdq1