Fun With Superpowers

jerk kids superman The Movies - 5077667072
By Unknown

Quicksilver Is a Jerk To People With Disabilities

Via nerdythingsthatdontsuck

Dammit Hulk!

Thor jerk hulk avengers - 7062072832
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Homer, Why Are You Such a Jerk?

jerk christopher nolan - 7038631936
By SashkaRus

Scumbag Spidey

jerk captain america Spider-Man avengers - 6971526912
By themercwithamouth

I Bet That Dog Is a Jerk

deadpool off the page jerk dogs - 6866646784
By Unknown

What a Jerk

jerk loki avengers - 6669953536
By Unknown

What a Jerk

alfred batman bruce wayne ice jerk tom & jerry - 6569600000
By Bruceman

Take That Jimmy!

jerk jimmy olsen Super-Lols superman - 6353449472
By xyzpdq1

Green Lantern Is Such a Pal

batman buddy Green lantern jerk Straight off the Straight off the Page - 6252276224
By themos83

Stop Swearing!

captain america jerk The Movies - 6175630336
By Unknown

Right Back At You

Awesome Art batman jerk wtf - 6177334272
By Unknown


jerk Spider-Man Super-Lols troll uh oh - 6139570944
By SlightlySardonic

Make Me

batman jerk Saturday Morning Cartoons superman - 6100403968
By Unknown


jerk Super-Lols superman wtf - 6068490240
By xyzpdq1

Way to Be Mr. Grayson

batman Clark Kent jerk robin Super-Lols superman - 5917702912
By xyzpdq1
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