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Not Even A Question

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Jared Leto's Face When He Realized He Was 'Tricked Into Joining Suicide Squad'

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Jared Leto Is Furious with Studio, Says He Feel Like He Was Tricked into Doing Suicide Squad

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Die Antwoord Calls out Suicide Squad for 'Jocking Their Style'

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Suicide Squad Director Talks about Origins of Joker's Forehead Tattoo

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Watch the Demented Joker and Harley Quinn Fan Film That Ends up Being Darker than Suicide Squad

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Jared Leto Says That David Bowie Inspired His Interpretation of the Joker

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Jared Leto Offers up His Bizarre Reasoning behind All the Weird Gifts He Gave Suicide Squad Co-Stars

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Of Course Jared Leto's Idea for How the Joker Would Handle an Interview Is Insane

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When He's Just as Insane as You Are

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Killer Croc Actor from Suicide Squad Says He'd Watch a Video Every Day of a Dutch Woman Being Eaten, to Get in Character

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New High Quality Photos for Suicide Squad Have Been Released, and Jared Leto Looks So Much Like 52 Joker

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Watch All the Joker Scenes from Suicide Squad Trailers in One Fan-Made Supercut

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Jared Leto Sent Viola Davis Bullets in the Mail and She Almost Pepper Sprayed Him for It

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Why Can't Deadpool Just Exist Outside of Any Continuity and Just Show up Wherever He Pleases?

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Some Fans Don't Read Comics

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