Jared Leto Offers up His Bizarre Reasoning behind All the Weird Gifts He Gave Suicide Squad Co-Stars

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Of Course Jared Leto's Idea for How the Joker Would Handle an Interview Is Insane

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marvel superheroes conan obrien interview Video the incredible hulk avengers - 81088001

Frank Grillo Said That Crossbones Could Take the Hulk, and Honestly, What the Hell Is He Talking About

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Haley Atwell Weighs in on Captain America's Civil War Love Interest, and Things Escalate Very Quickly


Ben Affleck Says Solo Batman Movie Won't Adapt a Comic, but That Doesn't Mean It Won't Steal a Few 'Great' Ideas

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Peyton Reed's Already Getting That Ant Man 2 Hype Going in His Latest Interview

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Frank Miller Talks Batman and Sin City

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Melissa Benoist Says Supergirl is a Feminist

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Awkward Fantastic Four interview - 73228801

Cringe of the Day: Fantastic Four Actors Meet Not-So-Fantastic Interviewers

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Brian Michael Bendis Talks About the 'All-New All-Different' Guardians of the Galaxy

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He Loves Being on TV

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TMNT video games interview - 48744961

Out of the Shadows (Pre-Alpha Footage)

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The Power Has Really Gone to His Head

Nick Fury movies Samuel L Jackson interview - 6855361280
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Michael Douglas Talks About Coming Onto Ant-Man and Paul Rudd's Shape

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