Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

No Funny Business Here, No Sir

Adam West innuendo robin batman funny - 7561371904
Created by xyzpdq1

The Wiener Bandit Is Dastardly

wtf innuendo off the page funny - 7530752256
Created by hachan

No Innuendo Here, No Sir

wtf innuendo old timey funny - 7432774400
Created by xyzpdq1

Who Wouldn't Watch This?

beating innuendo shark - 7060911616
Created by xyzpdq1

Mr. Grayson Is a Classy Man

innuendo nightwing robin Valentines day - 7056843776
Via Never Ending D Jokes

The Sexual Innuendo League

innuendo justice league cartoons - 7051612416
Created by razorbladex

Nor Do I...

50 shades of grey innuendo off the page - 6519546880

It Looks Like Fun!

catwoman fun innuendo Super-Lols - 6436382208
See all captions Created by kenbaker

The Beginning of Something Wonderful

black cat green arrow innuendo Straight off the Straight off the Page - 6275058688
Created by hachan

This Is Why I Read Comics

comics innuendo Super-Lols wtf - 5221546752
Created by stephengraves

Such Technique!

batman innuendo robin sexy times Super-Lols - 4911583488
See all captions Created by dirtygravy74