You Gotta Pay the Hawk Troll

hawkeye explosion loki avengers - 6656038912
Created by demimyke

Hawkeye Played a Lot of Skyrim

hawkeye - 6651519488
Created by jtcaseley1


arrows hawkeye uh oh - 6615643904
Created by metalhero

The Amount of Hawkeyes....

hawkeye Memes Reframe - 6582977280
Created by DarkXeroo

Well, That Makes Sense

costume hawkeye huntress kate bishop - 6595462400
Created by hachan

Very Hawkward

avengers Awkward hawkeye huntress - 6577675520
Created by hachan ( Via OKAZUAKU )

They Can Give You the Eyes of a Hawk

eye hawkeye - 6525506304
Created by skewlkid521

Poor Hawkeye...

avengers hawkeye Super-Lols - 6382624000
Created by eltmatt

Hawkeye's New Job

avengers hawkeye job Random Heroics - 6403042816
Created by ibex1002

Look Both Ways Before Crossing

captain america hawkeye The Movies - 6251606016
Created by Rhiannon

Hulk Watch You Smash

Awesome Art hawkeye hulk smash - 6211685632

Nice Focus

Black Widow hawkeye Super-Lols - 6201180672
Created by morganfreud

Tigra Is Quite the Animal

hawkeye Straight off the Page wtf - 5954524160
Created by xyzpdq1

Oh Hawkeye...You Have Anger Issues

hawkeye shield Straight off the Page wtf - 5998364928
Created by LuuO_o ( Via LuuO_o )

This Happened Every Time

arrows green arrow hawkeye Super-Lols - 5980710656
Created by EvilDoug2

Now That's a Team of HEROES

avengers Awesome Art Black Widow captain america classic hawkeye hulk ironman Nick Fury Thor - 5981192448
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