Bang bang Maxwell's hammer came down, and the auction was over.... Think that's how the story went anyways.

Thor Is Showing the Hammer

Thor wtf hammer - 7410547712
Created by Mistermascara

Thor Has 2 Hammers?

Thor wtf eww hammer - 7360346112
Created by toucansam
loki Thor hammer - 49781249

Thor 'n Loki

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Beware the Harley Hammer

art hammer Harley Quinn - 7311232256
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So, Loki Won?

loki Thor hammer captain america avengers - 6591266048
Created by Lainbow

Now That's a Hammer

hammer fight batgirl Harley Quinn - 6742633984
Created by Unknown

Hammer Time

loki Thor hammer mjolnir - 6714347264
Created by Unknown

Don't Get Thor in Trouble

mjolnir Thor hammer kid uh oh - 6639904256
Created by xyzpdq1

I Know What This Means, But it's Still Weird

hammer mjolnir Straight off the Page Thor - 6527193344
Created by j0ey03

Thor, God of Juggling

hammer mjolnir Thor wtf - 6528595456
Created by obehave_wan

I Thought He Had a Hammer, Not an Axe

guitar hammer mjolnir Thor - 6517252608
Created by SpaceQueen ( Via )

She's The Sort of Happy That Scares Me

Awesome Art hammer happy Harley Quinn scary wtf - 6007276032
Created by muppetpuppet

Wow...This Was a Thing?

hammer Spider-Man Straight off the Page wtf - 5927087616
Created by Unknown

Everyday I'm Hammering

Awesome Art hammer Harley Quinn joker - 5726247936
Created by Asciicodeplus ( Via )

Even Thors?

all the things deadpool hammer Super-Lols Thor - 5657809408
Created by TrulyAnonymous

Just Let Her Do It

hammer sexy times Super-Lols Thor - 5485534976
Created by xyzpdq1
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