guns captain america superheroes Video shooting - 79713537

Watch Pro Shooter Take on a Bulletproof Version of Captain America's Famous Shield

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You Got Tickets to the Pun Show?

guns puns deadpool You Got Tickets to the Pun Show?
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guns deadpool Straight off the Page squee - 8483246336
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Frank Always Has Guns

guns punisher off the page wolverine - 7128621056
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Playing Cards With Deadpool

guns deadpool cards - 6964573440
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You Can Almost Hear the Sound of Angels

guns star wars deadpool awesome - 6913275392
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Some Serious Firepower

guns x men bullets - 6716675328
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Batman Plays Fail

batman guns motorcycle - 6612033536
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batman catwoman genius guns Super-Lols - 6499404800
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Range Day for Harley

Awesome Art batman doll guns Harley Quinn - 6226538752
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She Has a Point

Aliens Awesome Art Black Widow guns wtf - 5923722752
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Jason Todd, Comes Prepared

guns jason todd robin Straight off the Page - 5769462016
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It's Way Safer

batman guns scumbag Super-Lols - 5615480576
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Missiles Are WAY Different

batman guns - 5421463552
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Dammit Magneto

best of week guns Magneto movies soldiers Super-Lols - 5418949888
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Arkham Knight Batmobile

guns batmobile arkham knight - 8213447680
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