You better point that gun someplace else. Ahhhh you're just happy to see me no worries. This "pinnacle" of human achievement has defined the modern world ever since it's inception, so if you like you're firearms, lock and load and get ready to have a blast.

Spidey Sense is Tingling

gif gun Spider-Man - 7802424832
By Unknown

Definitely Just Glad to See You

gun - 7086281984
By xyzpdq1


wtf Spider-Man gun - 7008568576
By Sosuke

But it Was a Big Gun...

gun bullets superman - 6905480704
See all captions By Roldie

Just a Tinge of Danger in the Air

gun idiot ouch Spider-Man - 6610036736
By Unknown

Why Not Both?

awesome gun - 6569251584
See all captions By Unknown

Does Not Shake Hands

gun kamen rider saturday morning Saturday Morning Cartoons - 6513246208
By Sosuke


gun old school Super-Lols - 6434580736
By xyzpdq1

This Always Happens

gun hellboy monkey Straight off the Page wtf - 6125742336
By DBSean

Time to Go Booster...

bad touch booster gold dad gun Straight off the Page wtf - 5951815168
By hachan

It's Only Fair

best of week deadpool fight gun jerk Super-Lols wtf - 5606240512
See all captions By kululu777

Oh Jonah...

gun Super-Lols - 5572207872

What Sound Does Your Gun Make, Man?

captain america gun onomatopoeia Saturday Morning Cartoons sound - 5177719808
By Unknown

Guess I'm Going Out With a Bang After All

gifs gun joker Saturday Morning Cartoons - 5101774336
By maxystone

Dammit Harley

costume gun Harley Quinn Sexy Ladies Super Costume - 5030709248
By maxystone


genius gun Spider-Man Super-Lols - 4899976448
Via spiderman spiderman
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