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No One Takes Mogo's Feelings Into Consideration

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By TimesTheRoman

The Green-Jack-O-Lantern Corps

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By Airstrike1380

Guy Is So Emotional

guy gardner hal jordan green lanter hugs - 6627847424
By hachan

I Think Green Lantern Looks Sexy

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By xyzpdq1

Everyone Needs a Hint Now and Again

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By hachan

He Liked it, So He Put a Ring on It

green arrow green lanter Straight off the Straight off the Page - 6433627648
By hachan

Blocky Heroics

ant man Awesome Art batman green lanter ironman joker martian manhunter robin wonder woman - 6369098496
Via It 8 Bit

Take That, Guy!

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By hachan

Justice Lords

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By xxxn80rxxx

Latern Ducreux

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By shittywok

All Glory to the Hypno-Toad...

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By ralok

That Hal Jordan Is One Sexy Beefcake, Man

Awesome Art green lanter hal jordan superman - 5175529216
By Unknown