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Scumbag Green Arrow

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Created by hachan

First Look At John Barrowman & Deathstroke of the Day

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So No One Has Punched Him in the Face?

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You Think The Flash Could Turn Around Fast Enough

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Created by FeetalsGiz

Mia Is Such a Jerk

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Created by hachan

Young Justice and Doctor Who?

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Created by Roald3

Fatherly Love Hurts

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Sweet Idea

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He Liked it, So He Put a Ring on It

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Created by hachan

The Beginning of Something Wonderful

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Speedy Laying Down the Law!

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This Happened Every Time

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Created by EvilDoug2

Winnie the Pooh Super Style

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Back in 09, Dragon Con Had Some Serious Superheroes

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Via Gamma Squad

Now There's a Pot Calling the Kettle Black

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Created by hachan