Fantastic Four

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Super Hero Counterparts: Marvel Vs. DC

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Miles Teller Somehow Wants to Bring the Band Back Together for a Fantastic Four Sequel

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Ba-Dum Tss

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When Writers Pull Powers out of Their Caboose

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Trust Your Heart, Johnny.. I Mean Cap?

captain america fantastic four christ evans Trust Your Heart, Johnny.. I Mean Cap?
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You Wish

marvel fantastic four the hulk You Wish
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Watch the Honest Trailer of the Most Recent Fantastic Four Movie

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And Now We're Getting a Sequel

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The World May Never Know

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This Is Still Better Than The New Fantastic Four Movie

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Why Reboots Suck

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Meanwhile, At Fox

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Here Lies Marvel's First Family

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Don't Forget This Exists and By All Accounts It May Be Better Than The New One

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Fantastic Fantastic Four Jokes

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What It's Like Being a Fantastic Four Fan

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