Justice League Product Placement

aquaman delicious - 8451730944
Created by Micah Dwire

So Many Delicious Heroes

cupcakes delicious - 7432750848
Created by Unknown

Eye Poppin' Good

TMNT eye food delicious - 6758828032
Created by Sosuke

Roast Rider

delicious ghost rider categoryvoting-page - 6649708032
Created by deathwish01b

Kiwi: the Bat Fruit

batman delicious - 6601746944
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Humor Train )

LOKI: Choose ALL the toppings!

costume delicious ice cream loki - 6515825920
Created by FahrLight ( Via FAHRCHAN )

Bagels Are Delicious

delicious - 6536523776
Created by hachan

Delicious, Delicious Lemons

delicious man at arms man-at-arms Party Super-Lols - 6480915968
See all captions Created by KeenanLikesTacos

Red Robin Cupcakes

cupcakes delicious Random Heroics red robin young justice - 6440666112
Created by soymilkpudding ( Via )

Deadpool Loves Free 7/11 Slurpee Day

deadpool delicious - 6416731136
Created by Unknown

Martian Manhunter's the cookie boss

blue beetle booster gold cookies delicious Super-Lols - 6379389184
Created by Dragonrider1227

Why so Tasty?

cupcakes delicious Harley Quinn joker - 4910408448
Created by AntHouse ( Via The Sweet Treat Leap )

Some Dangerous Coffee

coffee delicious Random Heroics rorschach - 6194145024
Created by caramelbrony

The Green Nom

delicious Green lantern pizza Random Heroics - 5154305536
Created by Better_Drink_My_Own_Piss

Mmmm, Bacon.

bacon delicious Green lantern ryan reynolds The Movies - 5154312192
Created by Better_Drink_My_Own_Piss

The Cake That Cuts Itself

awesome cake delicious food Random Heroics wolverine - 5036011008
Created by maxystone
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