Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

This is the Kid Flash That We Need and Deserve Right Now

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Groot Guardians of the Galaxy

This Comic Gets at the Groot of a Beautiful Friendship in Guardians of the Galaxy

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benedict cumberbatch marvel cute superheroes funny Video - 83320577

The Avengers Assemble In New Doctor Strange Promo, and They're All Definitely Rocking a New Look

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Meowvel's Avengers

The Avengers cute Cats - 8422507520
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Old but Gold

dogs DC cute superheroes batman funny - 8802388992
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sports cute superheroes basketball batman superman - 100358

Mini Batman and Superman Square off for Your Daily Dose of Adorable Aggression

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Very Few Are Worthy

dogs thor superheroes Very Few Are Worthy
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Even the Joker's Not Laughing

cats batman joker Even the Joker's Not Laughing
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These Cat Super Villains Are Adorable, But Don't Underestimate Them

cats superheroes These Cat Super Villains Are Adorable, But Don't Underestimate Them
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The Avengers Premiere

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cute kids Spider-Man - 74315777

Why Would You Hurt Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

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Take 5 Everyone

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Selina's Ovaries Are Totally in Overdrive Right Now

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This Picture Proves Supergirl Is Already More Faithful Than 'Man of Steel'

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Groot Helps Young Boy With Dyspraxia

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trailers kids cute ant man - 72935169

Kids Re-Create Ant-Man Trailer

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