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Only In Dreams

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Captain America: Civil War Gets a Plot Synopsis And Film Date


Fan Poster for Captain America: Civil War

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This Is The Dream

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Captain America: Civil War Fan Poster

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Batman v Superman is Just Civil War Without The Foundation

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What Side Would You Choose?

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Well... That's Just...

meme civil war Spider-Man - 8447062784
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We Have An Important Mission For Spider-Man

captain american spider man chat: welcome to our world soldier. there's a lot more to fight here than what you see in sony. sony? that's what we call the streets of new york. you're on a bigger scale now. you've stepped into a more complicated universe. cool. so who do we take on first? hydra? thanos? galactus? first tony and i need you to settle an argument...
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The Epic Fan Made Civil War Trailer Gets a Web Crawling Update

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Hulk Smash Differing Opinions

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Captain America: Civil War Gets an Epic Fan-Made Trailer

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Captain America Civil War

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There's One Thing We Don't Need To Fight About

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Watch It, Stark

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Them's Fighting Words

Fantastic Four iron man captain america civil war chris evans - 8428582400
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