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Channing Tatum Tweeted a Subtle Clue About A Release Date for Gambit

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Assembled Once Again

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What's The Rock Doing?

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Twitter Is The New Casting Couch

Text - Joss Whedon @josswhedon Hey JJ I need "yub yub" song for avengers 2 but you can say "Jedi Assemble" or have Thor please call #disney #synergy 13h Anna Kendrick @AnnaKendrick47 @josswhedon print this tweet. cover my walls in it. seal me in my tomb. 13h Joss Whedon @josswhedon @AnnaKendrick47 now I'm blushing red so okay Cinderella can be an Avenger she'll have fireplace cleaning powers&a featured solo in yub yub 13h Anna Kendrick @AnnaKendrick47 @josswhedon TWEETS ARE BINDING LEGAL CONTRAC
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I Figured SHIELD Would Be Past 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

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Joss Whedon: Bringing Universes Together

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Yvette Nicole Brown Wants S.H.I.E.L.D.

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