Spider man pulled a family out of a burning car on the way to reattach a finger.
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Well, here's one for you.

According to The Daily Mail, an English family was driving down the road when their vehicle caught fire in a bad way. Smoke was pouring out of the car and onto a pregnant Lucy Day, Stephen Grant and their three-year-old daughter.

Luckily, Spider-Man was there.

Or rather it was Tom Roche, a children's entertainer who happened to be driving by in his full Spider-Man outfit.

He stopped and rescued the family from the burning automobile.

Mr Roche, 24, who was with his girlfriend, said: 'We could smell unburnt petrol and could see smoke pouring out from under the car.

'It was like something out of an action film, I was expecting the car to explode at any second.

'We tried flagging them down and when they stopped I was shouting at them to get away from the car.

'We called them over to us and they got in the car.

She was saying "we need to go to hospital", so we drove over there as quick we could.

All this while I was dressed in a full-body latex Spider-Man costume.'

Now you may be wondering, 'Why were they headed to the hospital?'

Good question.

That's because Grant had apparently cut his finger off using a lawnmower and it needed to be reattached.

So Roche/Spider-Man high-tailed it to the hospital where doctors successfully put the finger back on.

There's still no cause determined in what caused the fire, but it ended up looking like this:

What are the odds of all of these things happening?