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Even though Justice League's only 31 days into the 111 scheduled for production, Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. still managed to show off a clip from the film at last weekend, on set in London.

The scene opens on Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) entering his dark lit apartment, and shortly thereafter all the lights come on to expose Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) sitting there, waiting for him. 

“Barry Allen… Bruce Wayne,” Bruce says addressing a stunned Barry Allen. “You say that is if it’s normal to have a complete stranger sitting in my second favorite chair,” Barry responds to several laughs from a few press members that are around to watch the epic introduction.

Bruce proceeds to whip out a surveillance shot, which was Flash's cameo appearance in Batman v. Superman; and continues to question Barry about what he was doing during the footage. Barry responds saying that sure, it's someone who looks exactly like him, but is probably just an 'attractive Jewish boy.'

Bruce undeterred by Barry's expectant reluctance to reveal his identity, chucks a Batarang at Barry, who easily sidesteps the assault, launching the scene into slow motion and capturing that moment when Barry learns Bruce's true identity (and vice versa).

Time falls back to normal pacing, and Barry says, "You’re the Batman,” to which Bruce responds, “And you’re fast.” Then Barry tells him Bruce he thinks that way of thinking about the matter is an “over-simplification.”

Scene closes with Bruce recruiting a very eager Flash, who says he needs and friends, and also asks to keep the Batarang. 

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For those unaware, Flashpoint was a five-issue miniseries authored by Geoff Johns, and featuring art by Andy Kubert. Glorious art like this:

is the story of an alternate universe without Superman or The Flash, and with Wonder Woman and Aquaman's nations stacked up against one another on the tipping point of engaging in all-out war. And of course there was Thomas Wayne who was Batman, driven insane after his son Bruce was murdered in Crime Alley. What up Thomas Wayne?

Kind of a trip, right? Kind of awesome, right?

So, with the world pretty much f**ked seven ways from Sunday, with an ultra-violent war raging between Atlantis and Themyscira (plunges sections of Europe into the ocean..), Barry Allen being the only one who could remember a brighter, better world, pre-Flashpoint, has to muster up the strength and courage to restore his powers so he can time travel back to that fateful day and fix the mess he made.

Annd the big twist here is that the horrific post-Flashpoint world was a manifestation of Barry Allen traveling back in time to rescue his mother from being killed by Reverse-Flash.

The Flashpoint storyline was adapted into an animated feature film, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and is one of the most widely-acclaimed, best reviewed animated DC Universe movies. Check out the trailer below:

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Anne Abberley, 47, and Leam Thornorough, 36, were both arrested on the after witnesses described as the couple "bobbing up and down" during the movie and eventually going on to have sex in their seats. The police were called and the two love-crazed moviegoers were detained for 24 hours before being charged the next day.

-Insert the charges were dropped when the authorities determined the woman was called Martha, here-

Hey, maybe Abberley and Thornorough were just trying to keep their bad selves entertained during a movie that's received a bit of a negative response from folks that have seen it. Can't beat the Daily Star tweet below either...'bonking.'