Kill The Spiderman and Break His Racket

bird Spider-Man Venom - 7950172672
Created by Unknown

Bird Brain

web comic bird falcon - 7844506624
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

I'm Sure it Will?

art robin cute bird - 6962094336
Via What a Rort

They Were New to Town

excited plane bird superman - 6954853888
Created by xyzpdq1

But What Kind of Bird Is It?

Thor plane bird - 6922499328
See all captions Created by TheMemeDude

Was Very Confusing

horrible bird superman - 6843993600
Created by BulzeebX

Never Take a Bird's Oreos

bird cookies Spider-Man Super-Lols - 6038598656
Created by SlightlySardonic

That's a Good Question

bird plane question Random Heroics superman tweet - 5832441088

That it Is

bird hair raven Super-Lols surprise wtf - 5699578880
Created by Unknown

That's a Big Chicken

batman bird Super-Lols - 5395277568
Created by xyzpdq1

Everyone's Doing It

Awesome Art batman bird - 5238867456
Created by maxystone