Aquaman is a superhero movie from DC Comics starring Jason Mamoa. Aquaman is the future heir to the underwater world - Atlantis. His mission is to prevent a possible war between land and sea

Classic: King of the Sea

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No Spicy Tuna For Aquaman

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Sneak Peak at Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

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Did You Get Your Fishing License?

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Now, That Is a Nightmare

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Looks Like Everyone's Binge Watching Netflix

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Sleep With The Fishes

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Aquaman is Useless On a Horse

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Suddenly Aquaman Doesn't Seem So Lame

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Aquaman Will Get There Eventually

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Jason Momoa Rumored To Play The Khal of The Sea

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It Ain't Easy Being Aquaman

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That's One Proud Aquadad

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Superhero Catch Phrases

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Aquaman Is Part of Her World

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Shouldn't The Mythbusters Be Standing Behind a Shield For This One?

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