Yeah That's Weird

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I Know What You're Thinking

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See all captions Created by Shadow61978

Alfred Can Ride a Motor Cycle?

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Created by PedroVisnardi

Who Knew He Could Fit into That

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Created by xyzpdq1

They're Both Browsing Red Tube

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Created by hachan

You Said it, Alfred

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Created by Unknown

No one likes a Smart Ass, Alfred

alfred batman joke Straight off the Page - 5334468608
Created by Sewer_Shark
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Alfred, Fetch Me Some More of This "Happiness"

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Wait... Don't Tell Me Alfred Died

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See all captions Created by rozenkrantz

Alfred's Practical Jokes Are the Best

alfred bat cave batman Super-Lols - 5055155200
Created by xyzpdq1

Strange, Neither Do I

alfred batman old Super-Lols - 5045168384
See all captions Created by ballinboydc

Who's Robin Kidding, He Loves Cross-Dressing

alfred batman cross dressing robin Straight off the Page - 4986002176
Created by Unknown

Now Put Your Undies Back On

alfred batman dark knight Super-Lols - 5676262400
Created by akhan0 ( Via )
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