Colossus Looks Confused

Magneto - 5565667328
By honeybadger123

Dammit Magneto

best of week guns Magneto movies soldiers Super-Lols - 5418949888
By zickeli7 (Via

The Cutest Little Things

iron man Magneto marvel Random Heroics rubber Spider-Man thing toys wolverine - 5385904128

Cheers to THAT!

awesome dr doom Magneto Super-Lols - 5301216256
By Unknown

Wow...When Does This Happen?

Magneto Super-Lols wtf - 5270272256
By TheDrMonkey

That Was a Short Fight

fight iron man Magneto Super-Lols - 4969020160
By fiat_knox

Why Do You Keep Doing That Colossus?

Awesome Art colossus Magneto - 4892872192
By -Ghost-

Uh Oh...Looks Like Magneto Wants One

beer fat Magneto The Movies wolverine - 4892883200
By -Ghost-

The 70s Generation...

70s Magneto phoenix Super-Lols - 4867352064
See all captions By bellalovesjacob

There's No Metal in This Cupcake

awesome cupcake gifs Magneto Superhero IRL - 4849655552
Via Because Hiddles
60s cyclops iceman Magneto marvel Random Heroics toys Video xavier x men - 20685313

So Wait...Magneto Was John Lennon?

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Mutant Magic Tricks

Magneto x men professor x web comics - 7945606400
Via Time Cowboy

I Guess the Penguin Could Just Stay As He Is

batman ironman Magneto Random Heroics Spider-Man superman the flash Thor x men - 5086746880
By branman614 (Via

So Small Children Could Swallow Them!

deadpool hulk iron man Magneto marvel vs capcom Random Heroics - 4892295680
By JoeO
Magneto Music Video x men - 20939009

It's Genetics Not a Choice!

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