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Twitter Presents: The Signs You're a Superhero

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Man Patrolling the Streets in Oregon Calls Himself "The Guardian Shield" and Plans to Stay a Superhero for as Long as Possible

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Someone Call Batman

batman irl superheroes Someone Call Batman
Via thingstolovefor

If You Saw Either of These Guys at NYCC, You May Have Been Hanging With a Celebrity

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Via JaredLeto

The Treat You Deserve, but Not The One That's on Sale Right Now

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Created by Unknown

On Loan From Gotham

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Via Daily-Superheroes

Real Life Black Cat?

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Created by lovelycrusader ( Via La Times )

Did Your Mother Warn You About Riding on One of These?

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Created by Unknown

Real-Life Iron Man Launch

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Created by Unknown

Is It Pepper's Birthday?

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Via Huffington Post

Was He an Orphan?

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Created by Unknown

Lex Has Tripled His Evilness

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Created by Hoffman ( Via The Local )

Flash Graffiti

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Created by Femista
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Inside the Mind of a Real Life Superhero

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The Deadpool Mural or Lack There Of

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Who Stole Batgirl's Car?

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Created by Unknown
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