Very Merry Xerneas

christmas Fan Art for sale xerneas - 8591485184
By PaleRider (Via redbubble)

They Do Exist...

pics Pokémon xerneas animals - 8285403904
By davidbyronhicks

Xerneas Makes Mad Rupees

xerneas zelda - 7667718144
Via JackRabbit894

Stop it, Xerneas!

intensifies gifs xerneas - 8297121280
Via liz-mariposa

The Beautiful, the Majestic, The Xerneas

Bunch of Pokemon plushies on a shelf, Xerneas toy in a funny position a redrawing of this toy with a derpy expression
By AnScathMarcach (Via anscathmarcach)

Xerneas Looks Familiar...

video games geek Pokémon xerneas - 8349145600
By Unknown


video games geek Fan Art xerneas - 8502790144
See all captions By wuashin12

The Legendary Meeting

art yveltal xerneas - 7797565696
Via Dekus

Xerneas Likes Dat Booty

dat booty Pokémon xerneas swiggity swooty - 8357175808
Via violettheory

Now That Xerneas is a Fairy

legendaries fairy types xerneas - 7652087296
Via Zerochan

Bambi Xerneas

pokemon memes cute xerneas
Via hime--nyan

X and Y Legendaries Names Revealed!

legendaries yveltal xerneas confirmed - 6957919488
By Durgon (Via Pokémon)

The Ugly Duckling

stantler Pokémon art xerneas - 7749374720
Via Cadaska

Welp, He's Not the Only One Anymore...

Sad xatu xerneas - 6967983872
By Salamence13

Mega Mewtwo Y Mixed With Yveltal and Xerneas

Pokémon legendaries yveltal xerneas mega mewtwo y - 7979123968
By Unknown

Trim the Antlers With Care

pokemon christmas xerneas fan art
Via lintufriikki
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