I Choose You, Hitmonlee!

idiots Pokémon hitmonlee wtf - 8421946880
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Forever Surfing

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What Is Even Happening Right Now

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The Snarky Pokemon.com Editor

wtf pokemon.com q&a - 6760263680
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I Think I Saw One While Surfing

caves gameplay wtf - 5631679488
By 2_Lazy_To_Think_Of_A_Name

They Laughed at Me Once

fusion wtf legendaries bidoof dead - 6937666304
By Unknown

A Fish? WTF Is This?

animals ash fish IRL wtf - 5027661824
By choco97

Photoshop Troll

wtf photoshop - 7639417088
By DineshThePoet

Just Keep Scrolling

wtf pikachu batman - 8568079104
By memefield

Have You Heard? Pikachu is Becoming a Dragon Type!

pokemon memes pikachu dragon costume
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Slowpoke Centipede

wtf gifs slowpoke - 8295702528
By heisei24

Diglett Wednesday: Sitting on a Chair?

anime dawn diglett diglett wednesday tv-movies wtf - 6061319936
By Unknown

Well... That's One Opinion

Pokémon twitter wtf - 8432749824
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How Deep Does the Mouse Hole Go?

wtf pikachu - 8488386560
By maorows

Eevee Milk

wtf Fan Art eevee - 8416979200
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You're Saying I Could Have Been to Petalburg Already?

dialogue gameplay petalburg wtf - 5955052288
By DaRoan
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