Better Get Squirtle Over Here

Pokémon fire wordplay - 7256975360
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The Red Button on Espeon’s Head is for Recording Secrets

Fan Art espeon wordplay - 8455420672
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To Go With Your Sapphire Earrings and Ruby Ring

pokemon memes diamond ring pearl necklace
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A Whole New Word

derp girls the internets wordplay - 6049472256
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The Pokémon Anime Loves Wordplay and Puns

Pokémon anime puns wordplay - 8106425600
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This Would Be Super Effective Against Any Dog Pokémon

puns Pokémon wordplay web comics - 7938195200
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Rules to Live By

Pokémon pokemon fusion wordplay - 8339074560
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Too Meta for Words

meta Pokémon metagross wordplay - 8250940160
By Houndoom-Kaboom