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Celebrate the Holidays by Giving Away Awesome Pokémon and Items!

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Created by Unknown

How are You All so Lucky?

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Five IV? I'm Five ID!

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Created by daniel.laube.9

You Guys Aren't Doing it Right

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Created by KingEman

The Reason Wonder Trading is So Unfair

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Created by GrayPhillbuster


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Created by MaxfromPokemon

That Was Cruel, Raul

pokemon memes f you too raul
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How to Make Wonder Trade More Interesting

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Created by Echoloco12 ( Via Some Thomas )

Wonder Trade Would Protest... But it Has a Frog Crammed in its Throat

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Created by Slyde1052

Wonder Trade Challenge Fail

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Created by Nikole

Trolling Wonder Trade

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Created by aerotechway1

Starters for Everyone!

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Created by Urban90sKid

Getting Real Tired of This...

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It Sounds Good on Paper

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Wonder Trade in a Nutshell

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Created by Cat2999
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