Starter Collection

art awesome electric fire games grass water - 5362109696
By lrregular

That'll Help

ash brock dafuq gifs staryu tv-movies water - 6188549888
By Unknown

How DARE You!

gameplay team aqua water - 6473704448
By GigaNitros

Geodude Should Have Just Died

geodude rage comic Rage Comics water - 6506307584
By Unknown

Bad Luck Brock

bad luck brock meme Memes onix water - 6324652288
By Unknown

Well, That Explains Everything

Fan Art plants water cute - 8289940480
By Houndoom-Kaboom (Via Pixiv)

I See What You Did There

awesome best of week fire grass IRL starters water - 5563119872
Via carlzufretti.tumblr.com

I Choose You, Squirtle

anime best of week cereal guy comic hot water - 5658967296
By Unknown

What It Comes Down To...

art electricity fire lighter starters water - 5521728768
By Unknown

Water Pulse

water gym leader - 6936854784
By masterfeja

At Least He's Being Honest

grass meme Memes plants water - 5675925248
By Unknown


awesome Battle best of week empoleon epic gifs pokemon battle steel water - 5261634304
By Whatguy

Diglett Wednessday: 7.8 Too Much Water

wtf water diglett wednesday diglett pokemon logic bridge - 8390305536
By Houndoom-Kaboom (Via houndoom-kaboom)

Awesome, Guys

Pokémon goomy gifs water anime - 8426023168
Via therandominmyhead

This Kid is the Very Best

IRL water - 7148071680
Via Ender-Friend

Pikabro With That Gnarly Air Time

Via 90s90s90s
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