It's All So Obvious Now

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By Anonymous84

Waruichu! The Greedy Rat Pokémon!

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Pokémon: The American Remake

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Clem is a Little Bit Senile Over There...

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By Unknown

Why Are You Initiating the Battle?

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By mistysilverwolf

What Does the Deer say?

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By Unknown

Shorts Are More Comfortable to Wear

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By Luchabro

Ash Does What He Wants

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Never Ever Wake Snorlax

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By Lucie-X

Bad Lie, Oak

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By SaniOKh

This Guy Knows What's Up

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When They Use a Team of Only Legendary Pokémon.

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Sorry to Ruin the Perception

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By Unknown

Pokémon: Eggs and Y

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Espurr in Pokémon Amie!... E-Espurr?

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By Anonymous84

What an Accurate Description of Pikachu

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