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There's Never a Time to Grow Up

Pokémon tumblr growing up giovanni - 8455259648
Created by Luchabro

Defense to the Extreme

harden tumblr - 8010355456
Created by Swift-Justice

Screw Logic!

Pokémon tumblr pokemon logic video game logic - 8404923904
Created by YakuzaDuragon


Pokémon tumblr cute - 7845951232
Created by Kuda357 ( Via deathrightsactivist )

New Addition to the Eevee Family

Pokémon tumblr eevee - 8457377024
Created by Luchabro

Skinny Snorlax is Going Too Far

tumblr snorlax wtf - 8016763392
Created by Guilherme.didi

Pokémon Splish and Pokémon Splash

Pokémon magikarp tumblr box art - 8407803392
Via treecko007

This is Sad Because it is Completely True

Sad Pokémon tumblr gyms - 7975240960
Created by Unknown

Proof of Alakazam's Foresight

Pokémon tumblr alakazam - 7401344256
Via greenmariosmansion

I Don't Know Why... But I Feel Offended and Oppressed

Pokémon tumblr - 8431707136
Via Maximillian Rossi

Pokémon Size in a Nutshell

Pokémon tumblr - 8220005888
Created by YakuzaDuragon

This All Shiny Horde Battle is Ridiculous

tumblr shinies - 7975796224
Created by MegaManLight

Disregard Education, Acquire Pokémon

ash Pokémon tumblr anime - 7885710080
Created by Unknown

Let This Sink In...

Sad banette tumblr phantump pokedex entries - 8200387072
Created by ProffessorOak

And Are You a Boy Or a Girl?

professor oak super smash bros tumblr - 8353555712
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Makes Perfect Sense

Pokémon tumblr nurse joy - 8250497536
Via fyeah-science-side
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