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Silver's Secret

silver tumblr - 7979954432
Created by tonton_omnom

People on Tumblr Be Like

ash Pokémon tumblr - 8237523968
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom

Don't You Know Pikachu Doesn't Like to Be Captured?

Pokémon tumblr pikachu amiibo - 8224698624
Via ivorykingchrono

Defense to the Extreme

harden tumblr - 8010355456
Created by Swift-Justice

Makes Perfect Sense

Pokémon tumblr nurse joy - 8250497536
Created by Me.... ( Via fyeah-science-side )

Let This Sink In...

Sad banette tumblr phantump pokedex entries - 8200387072
Created by ProffessorOak
Tumblr clevernes calculation Ash Ketchum's strength

Clever Tumblr User Calculates The Exact Metric Of Ash Ketchum's Mind-Boggling Strength

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Pokémon Size in a Nutshell

Pokémon tumblr - 8220005888
Created by YakuzaDuragon
anime cartoons list SpongeBob SquarePants Pokémon tumblr wtf - 162309

Handstand Abs Guy is Hands Down the Creepiest Single Topic Blog

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gyarados Pokémon tumblr - 7959307008
Created by Guilherme.didi ( Via Pokemon Logic )

Pokémon Splish and Pokémon Splash

Pokémon magikarp tumblr box art - 8407803392
Via treecko007

No One Cared Who He Was Before He Put on the Mask

Pokémon tumblr creepy pikachu - 8231720960
Via Rimefang

My Little Precious Yveltal

tumblr yveltal cute - 8064411136
Created by YakuzaDuragon

I Heard U Liek Memes

mudkip Pokémon tumblr Memes - 8186768384
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Tabitha is the Hottest Babe

Pokémon what tumblr - 8407360512
Created by KittiCat9000 ( Via Pokememes )

Screw Logic!

Pokémon tumblr pokemon logic video game logic - 8404923904
Created by YakuzaDuragon
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