Even the Intro Screen Gets a Shiny

Pokémon trolling shinies - 7953715968
By MegaManLight

Annd the Sorry Soul Begs From a 10-Year-Old...

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I Don't Want a Nugget Anymore

gameplay trolling you dont say - 5881687040
By Triangle_Boy

Welp, Pikachu Got Ahead of Himself...

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Ghost Type Trolling

anime gengar smile trolling tv-movies - 6263873792
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Wonder Trade Trolling

wailord trolling wonder trade - 7997711104
By Unknown

Trolling Groudon

awesome Battle best of week catch em all duskull groudon strategy trolling - 5434661376
See all captions By RabbitJack

Forever a Pokémon Master

Omegle exchange between two strangers one of which is a Pokémon master
By AshKetchupandMyballsaresour

Trolling Giovanni

gameplay giovanni pidgey trolling - 5441168640
By rofljay

How Else Do You Level Up Your Nidoqueen?

Battle tall grass trainer tips trolling - 5012527872
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Trolling the Wonder Trade

Pokémon trolling wonder trade - 7863534592
By wolvenlied

When You Just Started up with Pokémon GO, but You're Not Sure If You're Doing It Right

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That One Troll Who Never Fails to Rope You Into Lifeless Conversation Whenever You Cross Paths

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Your First Exclusive Look at the Next Generation of Pokémon!

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Let Me Blow My Load of Knowledge

dating gifs Pokémon trolling - 8326184960
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PokéClassic: Scumbag Mindy

Pokémon trolling trading classic - 8399591424
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